OCTOBER – 2013

28th October. If you find that you can’t get enough movie magic for your appetite then check out the latest trailer from a film we exec-produced at the beginning of the year…when everyone else was wrapped up all cozy and warm! “He Who Dares” is an action thriller where ‘Die Hard’ Meets ‘The Raid’! The film will be released in early 2014 and we look forward to it. We even hear that there may be a sequel in the pipeline. Check this out.

We are about to start an 8-part TV series for MTA productions, makers of ‘Meet the Adebanjo’. Looking forward to work with the director producer team Debra and Andrew and all their team. We will shoot the project with Enrico going back to his roots as a second operator. It will be fun.

17th October. We went back to music videos? Just for once (we were missing the vibe : ) Last day of shooting (studio) today after a two days shoot in Italy for our next music vid with the MAN Scarz and the fantastic Adi Alfa. After this we’ll start editing with delivery in a few weeks. Look forward to showing you this very photographic-style video. A very big departure for rapper Scarz. Let’s see the video soon.

15th October. Flying to Rome for an Interview at the Italian Ministry of Culture for our film ‘The habit of beauty’. We are meeting our co-producer Cristiano in a café outside the Ministry in a beautiful square. The sun is shining and it feels like summer. The interview goes in a flash. In 2 questions about how Jacques Audiard and Andrea Arnold are two big influences on the work. Another couple of questions on the amounts of drafts of the script (8 so far) and we are out. Breathless but satisfied, we are now waiting for the verdict. Drums roll…..

5th October How typical of life Pinch Media We are two hours from our Raindance Film Festival premiere and we are reading a script. But this is not just a script. It’s the BEST script we’ve read in a looooooong time. And we just pray as we read that it doesn’t let us down. So far (page 71) so getting better and better. Perhaps this is a good omen. While reading we have also attended a reception at the prestigious Italian Institute of Culture with all the other Italian film-makers. Very interesting networking and picture opportunity and, as expected, the food was simply amazing. Thank you Raindance!

3rd October. Very nice article of “My words and I” published today on the magazine ‘OGGI’ in Italy. After been selected for Raindance Film Festival this year, we hope to be broadcasted on RAI 3 Doc very soon.. and more festival to come. It looks like we may get a fair amount of press this autumn.