20th November. Today we are recovering from watching our first documentary (done back in 2011) Uspomene 677 on Al Jazeera Balkans, showing simultaneously in 6 former Yugoslav counties: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia. All sorts of people ringing to congratulate, to ask information, to cry and share the feelings. For us, this is what we make films for. And it is a privilege to have been involved in a project that has such a widespread effect on people. We look forward to make another one soon. Who knows? Uspomene 5 years later soon? Check the latest on Uspomene Website and contact us if you would like to buy the special edition DVD to support Pinch projects, with exclusive behind the scenes and memorabilia.

18th November. Our second documentary “My words and I” was on italian regional TV. We are aiming soon to be on Rai 3 (italian national TV); will keep you posted. Well done team. As well for Italians, here our TV news from Verona.

13th November. And after a screening at EON (aka the production company making James Bond) here we are for a screening at Working Titles. Is it my impression or our friends are all quite clearly moving up?

10rd November More press.. while waiting “the result” from the Italian Ministry of Culture for our next feature film “The habit of beauty“, a wonderful person + Italian press are pushing. Massive thank you. It’s coming, promised!

5th November And after a grueling 8 days shoot ‘The adventures of T-boy’ shoot is finished. We had a lot of fun but it was hard work. We met a lot of new film-makers that we hope to work with in the future. Now 8 x 30’ editing is about to start. With the right person in front of Final Cut, we know this will be a tight schedule we can meet.