MAY 2013

Docs life. Ordinary heroes is our first Doc series. 5 x 30’ documentaries about exceptional stories shot all around Bosnia. It was again a partnership with PCRC and our Bosnian sister Velma Saric. Shooting like this, discovering new worlds, telling meaningful stories with incredible people and complete trust of the commissioners is what film-making should be all about. But you may ask: what is ‘Ordinary heroes’? – Have a look into our “documentary” section : )

We’d like to thank Velma Saric and all the people who shared their stories with us. Thank you for letting us in and allowing us to learn so much. On a practical side we have shot the first two episodes of the series and are now in post-production. We plan to shoot and edit 3 more episodes in the autumn.

More Docs – We expect to complete one more shoot for ‘Fishermen’s conversation’ in Croatia over the summer. Dates to be confirmed.

As for the mother of all our docs, we are very happy to announce the following confirmed broadcasters for Uspomene 677: Rudaw TV, Maori TV, DR2, ACHT, and Planete + Poland (Re-branded now as NC+).

Finally we plan to re-cut and relaunch ‘My words and I’ new singing and dancing TV cut with new lovely English subtitles for the Autumn too. With the idea of hitting key UK and European festivals, another prestige screening in London and then start selling the TV version in the Autumn.