This month, Rebecca has been editing the first cut of the ‘Fisherman’s Conversations’ feature documentary, directed by Chiara Bove Makiedo. Work on it is going well and we are receiving positive feedback. We are currently working on a website, which will be launched in the nearby future, be sure to look out for that. We hope to return to Croatia this July to complete our last shoot for the doc.

We have begun UK casting for ‘The Habit of Beauty‘, beginning with the role of Ian. We are thoroughly enjoying the process so far, meeting a vast amount of talent. We are also able to confirm Italian award-winning actress Francesca Neri as our lead, which we are very excited about.

Be sure to look out for ‘He Who Dares’ starring our good friend Tom Knight, an action film, in which we executive produced. It has just been shown in this month Screen International. We are very much the art house/documentary types here, but we like to try and support all genres, and this is our first in ‘Action’, which has been a very exciting new experience for us.

We will be travelling back to Bosnia this month for two weeks to complete another series of the ‘Ordinary Heroes’ project in partnership with PCRC (Post Conflict Research Center). We have just completed a trailer which is due to release soon, so be sure to watch out for that.