JUNE 2013

Feature films Life. With regards to our feature film ‘The Habit of Beauty’, I read once that one of the biggest sources of anxiety and frustration in one’s career is to focus only on where you need to go, instead of looking back and seeing how far you’ve gone. After spending so long on the script and winning the support of some amazing cast and crew, going crazy on the financing and post… It was with great emotion that I received the first few pages of the shot list from Mirko. It is just part of the process, I guess. But it still hit me. Seeing his shotlist and seeing how obviously visual he is, reminded me why we started this process in the first place.

It is also such a pleasure to see how established UK actors react to the script. We have more news of actors being attached. As a writing-directing team who just developed this film straight from their heart, it is a real blast to get good reactions.

Other (feature) films.  We recently had a couple of co-productions with low budget genre specialists Press-on Features, headed by the prolific Simon Phillips and Paul Tanter. The first two collaborations, who also marked the debut of our PINCH COMPLETION FUND, were very interesting so we look forward to more. If you have a feature film that needs completion and/or sales/distribution help do get in touch. We and our angel investors look forward to hearing from talented film-makers.

On set with Noel Clarke. This week we have had the pleasure of being on the set of the feature film ‘The Anomaly’. It was a great experience, all the best to our friends, Mr. Noel Clarke, Cedric StClair, Peter and the rest of the team.

And to end on an even happier note, Enrico has just been accepted by the TV Drama Writers’ Festival. Hope to see some of you there next week.