The big news for the summer months is the finishing of the shooting of ‘Fishermen’s conversation‘. After a three part shoot over more than a year, our presence on the lovely island of Hvar has come to an end. We have come to know this place and its people like very few other places in the world. For us it was an experience of a lifetime – and this is what documentaries are all about! We want stories that enrich us as human beings – this certainly was one. A wonderful story, a wonderful place, with wonderful people. Grazie to our director Chiara Bove for letting us into her world, Hvala to all the people of Hvar that again and again amazed us with their openness, patience, friendliness and grace. Over the final shoot the film has really developed and the focus has shifted to the juxtaposition of the traditional ways of the island with the recent influx of international tourism which has brought wealth, but has really changed the inhabitant’s life in many ways.

In other news Mirko has finished editing the first two documentaries of the series “Ordinary Heroes” that we have shot for PCRC (Post Conflict Research Centre). One doc is the story of Ferid, a man who is the sole survivor of a mass execution of Bosniaks, and Mina, the woman who saved his life by hiding him in her house; Mina is a hero who lives a simple life and is quietly proud of what she did. Ferid takes us to the location of the execution for the first time in 20 years. The second story is about two friends in Bijelijna (Republika Srpska), one of whom has saved the other out of a concentration camp in a simple act of kindness, the act which resonates in their lives to this day.